Ghost Mountain tips

Helpful information for your adventure!

Tips for your Ghost Mountain adventure

To make it easier for you to plan your day on Ghost Mountain in Sankt Johann im Pongau, we would like to give you some advice and information for your adventure.

How do you get to Ghost Mountain/Geisterberg?

From Alpendorf village the Alpendorf Gondola brings you up to the top station which lasts about 15 minutes. From there, a small walk (around 15 minutes) is necessary to get to the first station of the Ghost Mountain train. From there, every half hour the train rides up to the centre of Ghost Mountain with one stop-over at the middle station (Buchau Hütte). The train ride takes about 15 minutes. So in total it will take you approx. 45 minutes to get from Alpendorf village up to the centre of Ghost Mountain.


Do you have to take the Ghost Mountain train?
No, it is up to you. There is also a nice walking path up to the top. Along the way you will pass several playing stations, like climbing towers and swings etc. To hike up to the centre of Ghost Mountain without using the train you should plan around 45-60 minutes. 


What is this so called "Ghost Mountain Train"?

The Ghost Mountain train is actually a tractor with a big trailer/wagon for the visitors. Around 50 persons can take place inside, baby buggies can be carried along as well. The 'train' runs from 9.15 a.m. until 4.30 p.m. every half hour all day long up and down the mountain and makes the experience on Ghost Mountain more comfy.

Tip: Most of the time the first run of our Ghost Mountain train already starts directly at the top station of the Alpendorf Gondola. So when you take the first Gondola at 9 a.m. to the top, you can save the trouble of walking to the first train station.


What is there to discover on Ghost Mountain?
All over the mountain you will find around 40 big and small playing stations. Climbing, sliding, swinging, going over a lake, a big castle and much more is awaiting you. 


Which clothes are recommended? 

Nearly all adventures on Ghost Mountain are outdoor. During the summer months it can get really warm on the mountain, so on sunny days short pants will be enough. Although you should always bring a longsleeve shirt and a rainjacket as it can get colder on the mountain very fast. On really hot summer days you could bring swimming gear for the kids, so they can play at the water games without getting water all over their clothes.  As you are in the sun most of the time, do not forget to bring sun cream and head covering.


Can I wear flip-flops on the mountain?

You could, but we would not recommend it. As you have to hike along the walking paths, we recommend sneakers or hiking shoes. 


How much time should you plan for your visit?

To enjoy all of the alpine adventure park you should at least plan to stay 3 hours, better would be 5 hours up to one whole day. The Alpendorf Gondola operates from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. 

Tip: Most of the visitors take the gondola at around 11 a.m. to get up to Ghost Mountain. When you arrive a little bit earlier you can avoid waiting times during the peak season (July/August). 


Can we bring our baby buggy?

Most of the paths are suitable for strollers. However you should use an outdoor-stroller with good wheels. Most comfortable would be a baby carrier.

Food & Drinks
On hot days make sure to bring something to drink and some snacks. There are two restaurants (Buchau-Hütte and Gernkogelalm) which serve nice regional food and cold/warm drinks on Ghost Mountain. 

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us, tel.: +43 6412 6260 or

Family with kids comes out of tractor train on Ghost Mountain in Salzburg, Austria
Family with kids comes out of tractor train on Ghost Mountain in Salzburg, Austria